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60 Creative DIY Bedroom Nightstand Ideas

11/6/2017 (Permalink)

Using creative DIY nightstands for your bedroom can add an element of grace and style to its decor and character. DIY nightstand ideas, if you search for these around on the web today, will give you an insight as to what home owners these days are following to improve their living styles.

For me, a bedroom is the most private living chamber that ought to look grand and there isn’t a better way than to decorate it with beautiful DIY nightstands as showcased below. DIY, stands for doing any type of repairs and embellishments oneself, rather than visiting a shop or taking the help of others.

Most often, we can see drastic transformations happening in our living spaces with a mere addition of a unique piece of furniture or accessory that one can make easily at home. Nightstands too can be made with items available in homes and a little bit of creativity. It always pays if one thinks a little differently when designing their bedroom nightstands. Unlike such pieces that are offered in the markets, and lack the necessary charm, a DIY nightstand is a much better alternative as it involves your personal touch.

With a few changes here and there, you can bring a total aesthetic revolution into your bedrooms like in the images that you can see below. All these are DIY and don’t push you to sink your precious penny towards buying that beautiful nightstand that you always wanted. Instead, these nightstands can be made at economical prices if one so desires.

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11/6/2017 (Permalink)


I remember as a little girl my mom would leave no room untouched for the holidays. Even if it was as simple as a festive dish cloth or scented candle, every small detail reminded me that it was the most special time of year. I’ve tried to carry that tradition in our home. My style is a mix of glam and traditional with a range of mostly neutral colors. But from garland and stockings on the mantle to tons of ornaments on the tree, every decoration goes up with our three boys in mind.


While I love decorating the interior of our home, the exterior has not received as much love. And for as long as we’ve lived in Atlanta (four years), the boys have requested lights on our house for the holidays. We live in a very festive neighborhood and are usually the only house on our street without outdoor decorations. Last year, I had grand plans of lighted rooflines, wreaths and outdoor reindeer. I quickly felt overwhelmed when I stepped foot in the store. I ended up leaving with one of those holiday light projectors in hopes of it doing the trick. It didn’t. In fact, the snowflakes it projected were only big enough to light up our front door. We ended up using it as a nightlight in the kids’ room well into the new year!

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8 Things In Your Home That You Need To Throw Away

11/6/2017 (Permalink)

We are all a little guilty of hoarding certain things we don’t necessarily use, either because we trick ourselves into thinking we’ll find some sort of use at a later stage or perhaps because these things have sentimental value, whatever the reason, holding on to too many things can reduce your home’s cleanliness, spaciousness and sophistication. Decluttering can be a means of reorganizing whilst also being therapeutic.  According to, these are the things you can definitely do without.

Old magazines – magazines take up a lot of space and once you start collecting, you kind of can’t stop. But there is definitely a limit to just how many ELLE Decorations you should be keeping as years go by. If it’s older than 6 months and unless you are in the magazine, chances are you won’t read it again.

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How To Pick And Display Glassware Like The Pros

11/3/2017 (Permalink)

Glassware is something that every homeowner should have. There are five main types that should be represented in your home bar (six if you count shot glasses, but who doesn’t have a set of souvenir ones?), all explained here. Once you have the right types of glasses, there’s no need to keep them hidden in a cabinet. You can display them on a small shelf behind your bar, or even keep a few in your living room, not far from where you entertain.

1) Cocktail Glasses 

Cocktail classes aren’t just handy for holding everything from a whisky sour to a sidecar, and since there are so many different types of them, you can mix and match the ones that you put on display. As long as you don’t have cats (who like to knock breakable things off of shelves) you can display glasses like these on a designated table in a corner of your living room, or even on an open shelf behind your home bar. If you want to add a whimsical touch, you can even fill one or two of them with decorative plastic toothpicks or other things that you’ll need to garnish your drinks.

2) Champagne Glasses

Yes, champagne glasses exist, and they are quite different than wine glasses. These glasses have a narrower flute, which is perfect for drinking champagne. Even if you don’t drink this beverage regularly, you should have a few of them in your bar collection. The one in the middle here is quite pretty, and several of them would look nice on a bar cart or on a shelf alongside other glassware. There’s no need to keep it hidden!

3) Margarita Glasses

Margarita glasses are a specialized drinking vessel that should be kept in a cabinet until you need them. If you plan on hosting parties in the summertime – the ideal time to make margaritas at home – you’ll have to have some of these glasses on hand.

4) Wine Glasses

Wine glasses are useful for just that – serving wine. A well-rounded home bar has at least two different types of wine glasses, and like their close relatives, champagne glasses, the type that you have depends on how you display it. Simple ones like the ones depicted here can be placed on a shelf or in a cabinet, while the fancier varieties can be put on display in open shelving or on a bar cart or low table.

5) Beer Glasses

Beer glasses are pretty classic, and vary from the traditional stein shape to more modernized versions without handles. These glasses are a must-have in any home and can hold other beverages as well. Just think of how much fun you’ll have serving root beer floats or similar treats in a stein like the one on the right. Since these glasses tend to be a bit heftier than the others, you might want to keep these stored in a cabinet or on a shelf.

The 8 Biggest Home Decor Mistakes You Can Make

11/14/2016 (Permalink)

Decorating is a process, and there will undoubtedly be hits and misses — but you don't have to learn every interior design lesson the hard way. Save yourself some heartache and dollars by avoiding these regrettable decorating disasters.

    1. Painting Without Testing the Color First

You see a color you like so you buy it and start painting your walls, right? Wrong! Colors can look completely different on your wall than they do on the paint chip. Painting swatches on your wall and seeing how they look in different light might postpone your paint job by a week or two, but it will save you so much frustration down the road.

    1. Buying a Shag Rug

With their plush pile and cozy-chic demeanor, shag rugs, like on-trend flokatis, are easy to fall for. The problem is they shed more than a Labrador Retriever. A few homeowners get used to living with the snowstorm of wool that no amount of vacuuming can completely eliminate, but most find that it's not worth the effort and get rid of the rug altogether.

    1. Installing Marble Countertops

Like that sexy pair of designer stilettos that no amount of logic will convince you not to buy, marble countertops are too pretty for many homeowners to resist. They purchase them starry-eyed, believing that the beauty of the material will make up for the high-maintenance upkeep; however, they inevitably regret their decision as soon as the first scratches and stains set in, which is right away. For a more durable alternative, consider the new and improved quartz countertops.

    1. Decorating With an Aggressively Colored Sofa

You can always up the "wow" factor of your seating with easily changed accent pillows and blankets, but when you buy the actual sofa in a loud color or over-the-top print, you're stuck. It might seem on-trend and appealing at the time, but a couple years later when your entire living room design is held hostage by the sofa's dominant design, you'll be dreaming of a neutral sofa.

    1. Rushing to Decorate

Trying to complete all your decorating at once is a huge mistake. Sure, having a full furniture set in every room shortly after you move in feels good, for a second. Then you actually live in the space and notice that the curtains you bought don't block enough light in the sun-facing living room, find an antique bed you like more than the sterile matching bedroom set you purchased online in one mouse click, and realize that the office and guest room spaces should be swapped. Unfortunately, you've already blown your budget, and now you're stuck. Great design takes time. Don't rush it.

    1. Putting Off Basic Renovations Until After You Move In

The floors are scuffed up, but is it really worth pushing back your move-in date to resurface them? The answer is a resounding "yes" if you ask any homeowner who had to live through a floor resurfacing project, major paint job, or kitchen reno. Staying put for another month while the work is done is much less painful in the long run than having to live alongside the construction or, worse yet, putting it off inevitably because there's no convenient time to do it after you've moved in.

    1. Purchasing a Cheap Piece of Furniture That Needs Reupholstering

That out-of-this-world deal on the tufted armchairs you found on Craigslist might not be all it seems. If reupholstering is a prerequisite for putting a piece of furniture in your home, make sure you price it out before you buy it. The cost of reupholstering can be shockingly high and is often more expensive than just buying the furniture brand new. If you don't do the math, you could end up stuck with a heinous '70s floral-fabric-covered loveseat or a musty, moth-eaten sofa in your living room.

    1. Covering Floors With White Carpeting

Clean white underfoot seems chic and alluring, and if you're a clean person who doesn't have any pets or children, it might even seem feasible that you can keep white carpeting or a white area rug looking nice. Let us debunk that idea for you right now. You can't. Even if you make your house shoe-free and vacuum every day, a dirt-tinted discoloration is inevitable.